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Who Dares To Care Lyrics
[Leonel Valdez/ Osiris Di Castro/Mario Linhares]

Walking down through these filthy streets
I see great skylines as they grow everywhere
See the people starving to death
Their children are nudes
And we even don't care

I see the riches in great cadillac's
And the rings in all fingers are from purest gold
See the beggars fallen in the pavements
Sick and demented, they try to uphold

They share the pain in a little piece of bread
There's flies on their hands,
But they don't care
The hunger is the only rule
But who dares to care

You live your life in a bubble isolated
So far and enclosed inside of you own
And the money you're spending in vain
Would pay many shelters or buy them some wares

I can bet you think all are good
Sorry if I tell many things are wrong
All the world is crying aloud
Our brothers are dying day by day
All around

In everywhere the cities burn in flames
The war doesn't give any rest
The anger is the only rule
You don't give a damn

But someday sooner or later
You'll find them
They'll be looking at you
Watching you being labeled
With one tag wrote "Sinner"
Then you'll become one of them
That's your new life forever
So you will feel what they felt once
- Lot of madness

It'll make you bend the knee
It's time for you so start to see
Nobody is a lonely island
Someone anywhere always care.

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.