Dark Avenger

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Rebellion Lyrics
[Leonel Valdez/ Mario Linhares]

Why dya still awaits for life
If I'll give you eternal death
there's no time to recede
the road is gone behind your back
I'll show you another life
Full of hate full of sorrow
Sulphur awaits your soul
I'll put a mark on your skin
My evil scar...

When I raged against our Father
I took angels under my control
Taught them to be eximious liars
Turning virgins into dirtiest whores
The reckoning day will come for all
No one is far from the punishment
My trident is struck on fields of destruction
The triple sign of six is on your brow

Rebellion - Listen to the call

I shall make you scorch the hateful earth
With pest pain and war all around
To deny the cross and destroy His Church
Bury human race in the ground
Brothers will die killed by their brothers
Incest will rape the family ties
More blood has been spilled, and more will be killed
I'll keep killing 'till the end of time

Rebellion - Listen to the call

The pain that torments your torture ...
... Delight of my profanity
Nauseous suffer. Pervertion ...
... Assembling the calamity ...

I know my fate is between
The hate and the mercy of God
That rules and reigns the Heaven
Surrounding the throne of the Lord
But they know that I came first
Before the Earthly Son
I want what's mine by right
and not the remains of the Christ.

"So the Gods joined for the judgement
I see the Elders changing appinions
They whisper I must not see the dawn
Appointing the night as my eternal bride"

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