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Madelayne Lyrics
[Leonel Valdez/Mario Linhares]

I used to love many girls
Touching all their bodies
and making all them go insane
Million games in the name of love
Playing of cat 'n rat but only me did eat the cheese

Everynight got different places to go
Jumping through the windows
a shadow walking on tip toes
Lilly or Margot, many tales to be told

Baby here am I again to stand and please your flame
'cmon and now I'm gonna make you feel
the floor and sky melting away
you're gonna ask for more, through tears of joy
I wanna hear your whisper that I'm your man!

But one day I knew Madelayne
She had a body of goddess and a voice of mermaid
Large lips, big breasts, what a butt!
And her moans of pleasure it all drove nuts!

One night her husband came home
Caught we both on bed when we were making love
Trapped inside treason I was led to the prison

Baby here am I like a dead, a condemned man,
The chains and pain, they show my way is short
My head is closer to the blade,
My days of luck is gone
They're gonna take me to the slaughter
I'm gonna die Madelayne!

Madelayne, why you allow that it happens to us?
I'll never forget all the things we've made... Madelayne

Now I know my time has come
I'll die but they will stay
with the whores once I've fucked
And everytime their wives by hear my name

I know they're gonna cry, aloud, and I will laugh away
Ha, ha, in hell where drinks and women and pleasures
Are served and served good and fresh
I know the place is hot but what I do is soft spot
The life I asked to death! Madelayne!

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.