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Green Blood Lyrics
[Leonel Valdez/Mario Linhares/Osiris Di Castro/Gustavo]

In this greenblood sea death and hate are trade
Unholy hands are near darknight fire fades
You try to destroy the oceans you try to kill the seas
Kill and destroy are the verbs ya fit in
You don't respect the life you are in love with death
Driving your crazy chainsaw to sacrifice my breath
Hey man you plain the stealth while many others die
Retorted trunks and broken limbs
remains of human kind?

Can't you see the madness you're doing?
Won't you realise it in time to stop?
It's your planet it's dying in vain
In the name of ease profit and whoredom.

Armies with all their guns have more value than lives
Humanity is dumb humanity is blind
You think ya got the knowledge
Locked up into your mind
Don't you know the true wisdom's
To keep yourselves alive?
Smoked winds in the forests, the smell of damnation
Nonhuman lives screams in human evolution
But you don't give a damn to what's happening to me
You laugh as you sacrifice the source of sanity

"Prodigal son, short memory,
don't I make part of your story?
You hurt me now as once you did
With so many brothers
Someday on earth you hit
You forgot that you got a role
In all this fucking starve
I look at you and
I see the misery killing the reason.

This chainsaw shed the blood
Lies over your hand
See it roars words I don't understand
And cuts deep my flesh
Reducing me to ash
The razor of sadness
You really don't care."

It sheds off the blood of the innocent ones
See the red and green mixed in the sand
Into the backyard of your childness
Do I have to succumb to your madness?

When will you start to see that all on me is crying?
And all good and benefits I made for you is dying
That you threat with violence, live like a stupid puppet
Destruction, extermination,
You've got to make the mocking?
Decrepit, defaulter, my end will be your slaughter
Betrayer, aggressor,
You really want to make me die?

That's why your end is near
Nothing's gonna last when I disappear
You can not serve two masters at the same time
'Cos everytime you kneel in front the altar and pray
an axe lies behind your back so calm it awaits
the final extinction of all the world that you own made
Your disturbed mind is black
As pitch into the night of death
with all the hate you save locked up into your heart
you drive me fast to the end
The butcher of mankind

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.