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Ghost Divinity Lyrics
[Leonel Valdez/Mario Linhares]

"There's somethings you better don't dream
'cos they'll hold your soul into the emptiness
as a black hole drowning your spirit to the void
it's a place that the light don't dare to go
and even te death don't dare to come..."

Don't dare to think you're safe
There's no safety where we're going to
Here's the kingdom of Ghost Divinity

I'm gonna talk now about the evil
An evil that steals souls of child
Inside the darkness when the innocent ones
Are dreamin' I come and take'em to the dark

On this journey you're gonna do right beside me
There's no end, there's no middle and no beginning
I'll show you all the things that belongs to me
Things Thy Father hideth
For you not know my name

See yourself at one step of abyss
A bottomless hole awaits your fall
But don't you worry for your mortal life
Worship me child and I'll grant you wings to fly

Look around see the Legion that adores me
The thousand ones that never awakes
If they could see they'd see their mamas crying
Screaming and tearing knelt at their beds

But in my kingdom you've got no power
And your kindness won't save you now
Beware my brother you will have no angels
Only tormentor, welcome into my hell

"We've finally finished our journey
Choose Your Side... Heaven or Hell
Sit down left to me, and reign in my kingdom
Of Ghost Divinity!"

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