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Die Mermaid! Lyrics
[Leonel Valdez/Mario Linhares]

In my travels through the oceans of death
Through her eyes now I see
I cry to the heavens and beg to die!

Odin God send me reaction
to break the chains of insanity
a Devilmaid is leading on my soul
trapped in her eyes, tentacle voice
who promised honey but gave me gal
she's dedicated to drain all my blood
hear the scream in my voice...

Die Mermaid! with the hate and the anger
That flows from your eyes
I don't care all the evil you've made
'Cos you know you've drawn all remains that I got
and all that's left to cry Die Mermaid!

Ladywhore staining the earth
With your dirty prostitution
Wait for the bloody revenge
That I bring in my hands
I've been dying a thousand times
Living in the deeper hell
Finally I wanna cry so "die baby die!"
Feel the hands of the pain...

Die Mermaid! I don't care if I die
Once more in your arms
My flesh doesn't burn anymore
'Cos pain and pain brings breeze of hope
someday I'll be free...

Hear the wind blows over the night
And listen to the news that it brings
Hear the judgement it's your condemnation
They are laughing, spitting and betting your fate
Hear me again...

Die Mermaid! With face on an angel
You are gonna die!
I don't know if we'll meet again
Die Mermaid! Yeah! Die!

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