Dark Avenger

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Tales Of Avalon Lyrics
[Dark Avenger]
Bones, bones, sound of cracking bones dead eyes look at me, a rotten smell of dead bodies raises up to the sky; Brimstone smell of death tone I see She waves for them and ends a tale to be told for me the Avalon eyes. Night stood still upon this blood red hill, where brave men came to fight and to die. Some fight for a cross that hangs a Nazarene 'gainst what they faithfully call heathendom with fire and steel they sealed their destiny down in the sands right up here they had made a choice this choice had a name the name of wrath I see the druids lips being sewn without a cry earth drinks the blood of lambs in bloodshed sacrifice How come I am alone? With so many bodies by my side? They belong to Thee... I still can hear their prayers and pass by through my eyes the way they were embraced by the war some hate the sign of cross, see while they call Caeridien I see that someone runs to Avalon in the heart believes the faith will live again "Christ's no power over here" the stug will survive, we'll live it all again in the same old isle but now they are all dead She's lonely left to live and knows they'll not return She's lost into the night... they came to mountain to die their deeds resumed to dust of war will disappear eternally I'll live it all again listen, they belong to thee, LadyDeath through my eyes, won't you come? Avalon! Won't let the time forget your name Avalon! Just gimme strength to tell your tale your tale... Avalon....

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