Dark Avenger

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As The Rain Lyrics
[Dark Avenger]
- The night sets its veil after a gay celebration, figures hails a new king to reign a very old nation, a beast bleeds at his feet after the fierce fight, a virgin awaits for him to lay and seals at the dead of the night.

- The naive lad by wizard's hands, met the Druids to proof courage, faced the stug which guarded the herd, with naked hands claimed his heritage, the first step to rule the land, the ancient people, the little ones defend; a night of love the prize for the conqueror one stainless maid a prime honour; the dawn will spot their souls, with guilt and shame, despair and dolour.

[Naive Arthur]
A feeling, a glance, illusion nothing else but a sweet moment an instant, grain of sand not enough to justify the fault the crazy night of love I shared with you it flows as the rain your face in despair revealed in blue it fills my heart with pain the kiss, the touch the moans of love and all those sweet memories just make me cry 'cos all I need is to forget that your prime time stains my soul in blood O good Lord how should I behave in my heart don't know what to say should I live commit suicide? O good Lord won't you answer me? O good Lord how can I stand? I don't wanna be blamed I was just a child taken by the hands of insanity feel my heart lies bleeding while my body is fading now the veil is open took my sister as a lover.

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