Dark Avenger

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De Profundis Lyrics
[Dark Avenger]
- Why the magician is so disturbed? why those scenes of love and despair? who is this magic being who raises from waters? why all my questions still blow in the air?

- As fast as a blink of an eye the wizard rids the boy away, the amazing plan must go on, perfectly until the end of the day, meet the legendary Lady in the Lake, who holds a lost wonder which will prove the boy's royal blood, the ancients they call it by Caladvwch.

[The Lady of the Lake Teleth]
Pendragon passes now Pendragon's seed shall reign Pendragon on Pendragon's throne; a kingdom passes now a kingdom's king shall raise a kingdom for the king of kings; Much long ago with brave crafty hands, forged a mighty sword Caladvwch its name; to protect thee 'gainst all foes, forever more; see the mist is wafted away deep in magic mare I hold the sword take it son if ye have the hand.

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