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Set Me Free Lyrics

Reflecting an image 
the mirror in your mind 
these spiritual eyes 
see what looks like me 
Familiar voice is asking 
what am I holding close to me 
Oh, yes I see 
And the blood on these hands 
was the guilt that I had never seen 
I would if not for hope in Christ 
and again I see, You set me free 

Set me free 
He lives in me 
meet all my needs, ya 
He's come to give abundantly 
New life, new hope, new dreams 

I bring to submission 
my nature in life in line 
The evil desires oh so common to me 
Man on the inside, changing your will 
and willing to make the change 
feeling the need now 
And I know that I need 
more of You to succeed 
I decide to follow Jesus Christ eternally 
You set me free 

Set me free... 
New life, new hope, new dreams...