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Not Too Late Lyrics

Cold is the feeling 
to see the dream jeopardized 
trying to hold on 
to visualize 
What did I do 
will I run do I stop 
can I hope for a change though I've done you wrong? 
just going to pray and believe that the hope's still alive 
Don't look away 
I'm back, back to my senses 
sorry to say that I've done you this way 

Why did I defy? The blood's been shed 
And It's Not Too Late 
not to late for me to stay 

Now that I can smile 
failed the test but I Made the Grade 
made the grade this time by grace 
Deep and unyielding 
the will of an untamable man 
broke before you I humbly stand 
Take what you can 
rearrange, throw away 
make the most of this man Father God, I pray 
Just going to wait and believe that the hope's still alive 

Why did I defy? the blood's been shed...