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Bring Into Being Lyrics

Guidance that I'm waiting for is on its way 
So I'll wait another day 
Restless growing weary 
Want to walk ahead 
Got to live by what I've read 
I want to see a little part of my destiny 
Custom fitted and blue printed in harmony 

Bring into being 
the dream that I kept seeing 
Lord I know You're all I need 
Bring into being 
the only one with meaning 
the one You gave to me 

Making all I'm able 
the use of the time 
to sharpen the sword in my mind 
Wasting, not a moment 
the most I see in a day is all that I need 
I want to see the warrior that I need to be 
Armed and ready 
sold out steady to the "Prince of Peace" 

Bring into being...