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Brother To The End Lyrics

God, look down on me: I'm flesh and
Bone in your own image and likeness too

The more I know myself
The closer is the end
And when I think I'm done
There's always more to, always more to come
Time is passing fast
No time and no regrets
As my mind slides away
The whole world and I, and I collide

Dwelling in such a grim place all
This darkness is here and real
When our whole life is crumbling, falling
Please count on me 'cause we're
Brothers to the end
Crying though no one cares
While their words choke you to death
Standing with your mask of terror
Please count on me 'cause we're
Brothers to the end

Present tense proves to be
A matter of time and space
While even my conscious mind
Steals images back, back from my dreams

Come on, let's all pray in vain
To a God that's just been slain
Let us all just fight and fall
While our souls have all been sold
If you think you're safe
'Cause you knelt
You shouldn't resent the pain you've felt
So you'll know, when you get all the blame
Destabilization is such a funny game

So now we know ourselves
On the verge of the end
My brother, we're not done
There's something more to
Something more to come

Dwelling in such a grim place...