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Arcade Warriors Lyrics

Have you ever felt that chill
Running through your spine?
There's no turnin' back
The quest has begun
Push the limit, break the chain
Test your will or die!
Unmask yourself, become player one

The game is over before it starts
No place for losers it's time to go
There is no way I'm gonna lose the game tonight
I'm gonna beat 'em, shoot 'em up till the ending lines

Arcade warriors! Always ready to join the fight
Arcade warriors! Even if the end is nigh
Arcade warriors! Until victory is at hand
Arcade warriors! To the end and further on
Not knowing what is next, that's what boosts my life!

Always lookin' for a way to cheat death
Got my nerves on the edge, I'm stuck with no escape

Swear and beat my beast like Kong 64

The game is over...

Arcade warriors!...

All this time, lost in a fable game
Joining the tribe, and living such a half life
Street fight, it sounds fine
Kind of a legacy, visions of an old creed
Welcome to my place, welcome to the arcade
Up to the final stage, waiting for the special move
Suit up, rush into action
Insert coin and eat my dust!