Dark Avenger

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Doomsday Night Lyrics
Sad dening the evening air
Omen ravens fly, sorrowful to see
And a desolated stare
Casts it's weigh over me
A whistle flies:
Death shaves us all with his scythe!

Sowing out a trail of fear
A man can only grow
Insanity and sadness
He'll always walk alone
Walking on a trail of tears
A man can never learn
The power lies within the truth
That is in his soul Look out!

No one kicks against the power
That paid the price for his deeds
Oh don't be so surprised, ha ha ha

Like the brimstone and the shadows
Like the frantic bloody rage
When they feel the bloodbath
Falling in like rain

Oh in greatest war a proud man fights
A proud man brags
He wars on Death for life
Not flags as one suppose

Old chum, he laughs at him
He drinks as he exults
He drinks as if it was a
Doomsday night!

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.