Dark Avenger

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Utther Evil Lyrics

Forgive me Pendragon for I say not I love you
If the years made my heart a ball of stone
No you never, ever know

I'm cloaked in darkness; wear the armour of hell
And your words to me increase my anger
I despise your mercy hand

'Cos I'm beyond the grace of Thy God
I'm the other side of the coin
The knife that kills the lamb
Eager to drink your blood

'Cos I'm your destiny the best thing you've made
The bastard from your seed, disease and hatred
Try deny my name again

And finally we meet our armies face to face
The wicked ones against your host of angels
I'll destroy you Camelot

And rape the wives of your Knights
I'll take your Holy Grail and fill within in blood
Ah! Remember the betrayal?
The Kells, the Little trusted in you
I swear I'll make you pay
The curse embraces the land
The Earth will drink ye blood
on your feet. Disappearing blood.

Dooms soldiers, time has become
To drink the blood our enemy
And rip him on his cross!

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.