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Now That You've Gone Lyrics
I wonder where we're going and how we'll survive
We all lost our souls
Captives in our golden hive

And now is just too late
We cry and kneel down

Trying to recover our lost faith... We pray
Waiting for a message from you, God... And we wait

We feel so lonely...
Can you ever forgive our shameful sin?
I know that we've gone too far
We're just waiting for you...

Life faded away
To a black pitch nightmare
The World... Rotting inside...

Got no feelings anymore to share with others
We don't even have the need to make new children

Now that you've gone
And Heaven's gates are sealed
We can't breakthrough
Now that you've gone
And you just let us free
To build our new atheist world

World... Where have we gone?
We just sold all of our feelings
To our pride

Just to say we are the rulers of this new earth
Rulers of an empty world, rulers of nothing

Somewhere out there
Someone said a new life is born
If it is true that means you're back to us
Is there a hope? We only just wait and see
Only you can bring us back to life

"A child was born, somewhere out there, after more than 4 thousands years
In his silence, once again, God is answering our calls"

We're not alone
That's what we've learnt from this
Our missions' done
Together we walk
Sure there' something out there
But here's not the right place to find out

We walk the road
Of this life so short and tough
If you walk with us
We'll wait 'til the end
Together we'll melt with the dawn... With the dawn...

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.