The Berzerker

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Failure Lyrics
We are what's left behind
I can feel It call my name
These worlds that I have taken
Will stay with me as lies
No they won't leave their victim
I know that we are on their list of deeds
The decomposing lifeform
Our tortured earthly souls are waiting to be freed
Their day has only just begun
And any killing bird stays to the bitter end
They take the pain
That you have given to me
If only I could bring against this world the feeling of
myself now choking it's not safe you're running from help
If I was blind I'd see the strain of being here embodied
to be a victim of the earth and now I'm trapped inside.
It's too late for us now, the wheels are in motion
Hear broken regrets, I fear you're out of time,
Death is coming, your life's a failure,
Now we're watching as you die.