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Permafrost Lyrics
I turn this abhorrent world
into an endless desert of frost
cold reigns supreme
deep below the zero absolute
where I was cast
where I cast the worlds

I let all life to endure
...sheltered from death
kept away from vitality
deprived of hope

I let it thrive on my hate
crown it with lack of understanding
and warped meanings
choke it with its self indulgence



I descend into subterrean glaciers
that submerged under the face of the earth
into the permafrost
ages ago
when everything was young
Ages... of which memories have melted away
with the rays of the first Spring Sun, now dead
the blood crystalizes,
turning into ruby shards tearing me from within
the delivering Pain
In slumberlike delirium
massmurder dreams fill the hollow space
I await the stars to burn out
and Nothingness to take their place