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White Clouds Lyrics
I was walking down the streets one night
When a stranger came by my side
He said "Hey man, do you wanna get high"
I said "No way",
I said "No way ain't gonna buy your dirty mind"

There's madness on the streets
Evil souls, nasty creeps
The big ones are sitting on their thrones
In their billion dollar homes
They are blowing lives away

White clouds in the skies
Cracking our minds
People goin' down
All around
Fortune and fame
Can't hide the shame
Feed us with lies (White clouds)
Through the night

I was walking down the streets one day
When a man passed by my way
He said "Hey kid, this is men's decay
My son was found dead with a,
Yeah he was found dead with a needle in his face".

Like puppets on a string
Fooled minds, addicted dreams
We became pieces of a game
You loose they win the pain remains
Will we live for another day?


They're blowing lives away
Will we live for another day?

[Chorus (x2)]

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.