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Larvae Of The Lie Lyrics

Larvae of the lie bred on deceit, fear for life
Larvae of the lie, know now truth, no faith, no worth
Empty, you are blind, you're searching for no answer
Sacredness in strife, constan struggle to an end
Stumble through your hellish life, blame your tortured past
No one will care if you die, not held responsible for your misery
Turn to an altered state of your consiousness
Seek an exit to your mind, lose yourself in your pain
Seek a greater good
BElieve in your distortions, you've been victimized
You are nothing but a pawn
Gain others sympathy through your agony
Buried in the emptiness of your barren soul
Brainwashed servants follow you
Lead them to their deaths for you, take all of their lives
Slaves to your pain kill for you
Beg for your priase
Feed them with the lies from your red and swollen eyes
Nurture your cause
With blood of all the weak who believe in your fight
Fulfill their greed
Fool them to believe that their wishes are received
They die for you
Never knowing all your lies, they march to their demise
With the nothingness inside your molten dead soul
Never before have they had hope
Their fear turning to bravery
Resiliency flows in their veins
You promise them a better day
Show them their death is preordained
Their purpose here, die for your ways, the path is laid
Agony is all that they seek, they crave torture
So pure, their hate, to bring the fate to whom you say, kill them now
Poised and furious to strike out at their victims
The scope of the war they're waging is insane, they will die
Many will fall as they conquer this new world before yo
Almost all have been devoured by their thoughtless anger
No one left to hold your promise, you reap all of the deaths
The war they finished for you left them all with nothing, all for nothing
Your slaves, all dead
Washing away all the remains of their coprses and decay
The world is yours
All corruption that you have bred roams athe world free
No consequence, lies relentless
For eternity, spawn malignancy, merciless
Breed insanity
Crush all the words you come upon, give birth to your kind
Larvae of the lie, empty you are blind
Larvae of the lie, born to perish for your sickness
Empty, all have died, you reign praying on their madness