Enemy of the Sun

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The Golden Horizon Lyrics
Cold emptiness, excessiveness
Spread scents in the room of fate
Where once before, life guard the door
Deep silence swallowed hope's gate

The bleeding heart, that falls apart
Is drawing the final line
The colors frail, black did prevail
Horizon of golden shine

Nowhere to go, nowhere to hide
You can't control your beast inside
It makes no sense to run and hide
Your past will never set you free

Life or death
There's no way out
Despair is getting loud
No fear, no going back to life

Unchosen life with chosen end

Divided truths and covered views
With blankets of dying trust
A razor blade, medical aid
Brought ashes and dust to dust

To top a life and grip a knive
Death calls it the finest place
The journey's end, points have been bent
Last hour to be embraced

This lyric was posted anonymously. Not yet confirmed by Book of Metal.