Daylight Dies

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Stronger Days Lyrics
My youth is slipping away
Before  I  know  I 'll see darker days
Ive seen the truth
And it runs with pain through my veins
Although  I 'm losing my grasp
I still yearn for brighter times past
I see my soul collapse
As my mind sighs and my body cries
Stronger days
Have they been spent, a memory to fade?
I cannot recall a time before my mental fall
Old age
A time to reflect on unaccomplished goals
Slipping away
I'll remember stronger days
I've learned this world is a lie,
It will never end till we all die
I know this fact and ive learned to cope in my life without hope
Gathering all that is left
The memories are all that is kept
I've seen the future ahead so  I 'll try to be strong
And forget whats been said