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I'm Falling Lyrics

I'm a king
And hallowed be my name
But the price I have to pay is much too high
Everything I touch
Turns into golden goods
But my problem is
I have to be alone

What's going on
Why can't you see
That you challenge my passion, challange my passion?
I felt so good
But now I'm bad
'Cause you've made me mad
And now my happy day is sad

I'm falling, I'm falling
I'm going mad, feeling bad, when you hurt my pride
I'm falling, I'm falling
It's a waste, don't compare me to other ones
I'm falling, I'm falling
I'm not a fool, no saint, no hero

Your sad life
is talking hooks to me
When you call me a star, you are wrong
It is not true
Everything I do
Means painful work to me
It's not as easy as it seems, it's a hard job