At War

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Conscientious Objector Lyrics
Conscientious objector the lowest of their kind!
Watching while their brothers die sworn to selfish mind!
Sell mothers to horrid fate to save your world from war!
Turning cheek, spineless weak, peace you must implore!

To undermined the very things that our forefathers died for!
Is slow decay of freedom's way unlock that tyrant's door!
Meet force with force have no remorse if time come you must fight!
Defend defend until the end your freedom wrong or right!

Bring yourself to life; an ugly though to bare!
Us or them then where's the sin; conscience cleared of care!
Able bodied sound of mind, in war it's fair they say!
Justify your train of thought; truly there's no way!

Silent protester won't stop fires burning down your world!
In the end you've proved your point as slavery unfuried!
Priorities yours to make, defense dignity!
Those you kill would do the same! preserve your liberty!