At War

Vote Song
Capitulation Lyrics
It's over must start all over
You should have never even tried
Lost heads meant more dead
Who knows how many must have died
You brought it we gave it
The fight that you have lost

Contenders surrender
Ironic human cost
Admission's incision
To show the world you're wrong
Your peoples your steeples
Your ideals weren't so strong
The control will unfold
Now to show who rules
No fractures in structure
This ends all civil duels

Capitulation, capitulation
Capitulation, capitulation

In the end make amends
Can't trust your greed's contempt
We'll agree then you'll see
No one will be exempt
No racist no fascist
No communist regime
No riots all quiet
Subject to legal means

You need it you got it
War's end has come for you
It's here now it's clear now
The things it makes you do
One border to order
Protected by our law
Our acts are your facts
No one can cause a flaw