Anal Blasphemy

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Sermons Of A Sodomite Lyrics
Preachings from a man of God
A leader of his flock
Faggot priest in the house of holy
Sodomite defiling his own gospel

Sermons of a sodomite
Homosexual praise in the name of Jehovah
Sermons of a sodomite
Mental anal masturbation

No salvation
From the wrath of god
Damned congregation
Drowning in this sodomy curse

Sermons of a sodomite
Word of the Lord filthed by shitty cock
Sermons of a sodomite
Blasphemous faggot asshole

Transexual dreams
Unnatural desires
Homosexual cocoon
Unholy transformation
Gospel of sodomy
Lusting anal intercourse
All in the name of God