Artery Eruption

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Petrified Fecal Sodomization Lyrics
Your left tied in my basement
You shit all in your panties
I have made you malnourished
You'll be dead in a week
I let shit dry up in you
I keep shoving it in you
Each time I stick my dick in
My intent is never new
Ritual practiced every hour
Can't get enough. The smell grows stronger
Shit runs down in your cunt as you hang
Drooling, I begin to masturbate
I let the runs encrust in your cunt
Peeling it off your lips does please me
Doing it quickly makes your skin jump
Me, erect, you expected to see
My erection once again throbbing
Shitty assfuck over and over
You know I love to fuck your pussy
After my dick is covered with turds
Picking up petrified waste you left
Stabbing the jagged pieces in you
They must feel rough inside your rectum
I shove some down your throat. Watch you spew
After I hold your mouth and nose shut
Now I must wrap your head in duct tape
Punishment for your defiant acts
Trying to take your last breaths, I rape
Muscles in the cunt tighten up as I inhibit you
Suction forces me to release a huge shot of semen
The last thing you feel, is my climax pumped in your tight cunt
I just stabbed your neck, just to let you breathe a little more
Cutting off the tape. Cut off some of your face
Screaming is muffled. Windpipe has been severed
Feelings of total power for the first time
For once, I am the one who has all the control
I have never been confide
Getting a Woodie in Your Sweats & Setting it on Fire.