Ador Dorath

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Pharmakopeia Lyrics
I found a tree under the surface of the earth,
I can hear whisper of its crown everywhere if I want.
There is a bit of it in every corner of the earth
I see it sometimes when I close my eyes
Not always not for a long time
World full of images disappearing in a moment
World of vision in a space when time makes no sense
Take a bit of the empire Fantastica
Will is a chain we are climbing up
One weak component can cause
Fall into the abyss
The Abyss is a labyrinth
My fate, my power, my poison
Our path is reptile's sleep
Sleep of Amphibians
Sleep with one eye open
I creep into dreams with hidden alertness
Dreaming without being subordinate
Our path includes will
I feel it when my heart starts to think
Doors of knowledge are opening
I hope that it will never blind my eyes
And mind
By opening wide