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Hollows Lyrics
Ive had this dream one thousand times, and counting.
What does it feel like, what does it feel like to be awake in your sleep?
I bet it feels so...

Familiar, all the same. I swear to god Ive seen this face, so frequently in my past.
This cant be coincidence, this cant be coincidental.

Why did you cut your ties from all of us?
We are isolated.
Left with only eyes looking back at me.
What are you staring at? What the fuck are you staring at?

How many times will I go through this nightmare, knowing that Im still awake?
Why cant I remember who I am, how did I get so far from everyone?
How did I get so distant? Its getting harder to see through the rain.
But I can still see myself.

The only thing you've ever really done for me is pull me down the furthest that Ive ever been.
You took my hand, you told me it would all be fine.
The darkest blues Ive ever seen

I know this cant be real.
I would rather die at the bottom of the sea, than watching things turn out like this.
I would rather die.