Visions of Atlantis

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Mermaid' Wintertale Lyrics

In nights when the moon shines, she is full of unrest
Because her heart often cries for some gentle caress
When dawn rises up and she takes the first breath
Of the new day, she knows that not much she had left
Anywhere else would be more joy to find
Than here in this place where her memories unwind
Of summer that is gone such a long time ago
Delusions confessed under cold winter snow

I do believe that my life is not mine
I am weak and I fear that it will take sometime
To find somewhere to be where my heart can be free
For a moment of light surely waits there for me

Beyond the endless hallway to the soul
in the most scaring depth of this nightmare s black hole
gazing at freedom in white, fragile hands,
she takes a first look at the first time she ll dance

His divine embrace will enchant this occasion,
his kiss will bring her to her knees if she dares,
to open the gates to her most inner self,
she will get more than ever she dreamt

Without a trace of a sound I will leave
and find love in the arms of the man of my dreams
A sailor, a fisher, a child of the sea
Doesn t matter, as long he s gentle to me

"Would anybody ever care for me,
For a girl that lives beneath the sea?
Would anybody ever hold my hand
For a moment for a while?"