Visions of Atlantis

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Change Of Tides Lyrics
You cant see the part of me
The secret part i hide from you
You cant feel what burnes in me
My deep desires cant come through
Through the maze of my mind
Is no guiding light that shines for you
You cant see the part of me
The secret part i hide from you

I cant stand this powerlessness
It is like hide and seek for me
nothing more than living tissue
Wrapped over stone

Where is the light
that used to shine down on me
Where is the sight
I once relied on to be guided
and lead through the unknown
of this landscape
of delusion Illusion
of this valley of doom and
this map inside my head

Im the escapist
Estranged from a world of lies
Im encaged and enclosed
In my emptiness
Im the escapist
Bricked in my walls
Dont try to save me
Your screams dont reach me anymore

How can you do this to me
I cant face you without feeling guilty
Why dont you move why dont you just stand up
and tell me that everythings alright that you are by my side
I want you to remember

Why dont you just give it up
Cause there are many many ways
For you to get it started
So much beauty is lying waste
If you dont find your way back
(Back) to your ordinary life
Because theres never been a lack
of passion in you