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Death Be Thy Name Lyrics

When youre least expecting my call
Or at the end Life descends Olden age you fall

Just remember Im a promised fact
Theres no way around fate No secret pact

Many through the ages they have tried
Believe me that I know They all failed & died

Death be thy name/Death be thy name
Death be thy name/Death be thy name

Searching for an ancient tale or myth
Read it on a book or heard it from the wind

Takes you to the edges of the earth
Even try to steal it from the newly breathed

But your efforts are a waste of time
You cant hide forever Youll still be mine

Aarghhh Im coming to get you

Now the scientist misunderstood
Cant make immortality inside a test tube
I dont know if I should laugh or cry
Take it as an insult or credit youre trying

But for now the old saying holds fast
He who laughs the longest is he
Who laughs last