Tyrants Blood

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Merciless Lyrics
Damn the lies that defy my creation
Beckon my wrath their death from my hands
Mortal flesh, sanctify life
Ride the rifts of the mind on the ocean of fire
In mortal existance not fully aware
Inherant within a life, inherant
Grasp at the irony as it unfolds before you
Waste of life lived in the midst of a paradox

Sword in hand
In position for battle
Deceived souls
Rise above
Cut the boughs of illusion from
Pathetic limbs

Gaze into the abyss as it stares into you
Bleeding the tears that false devils cry
Run from the battle as demons arise
To eliminate existence contradiction collapse
6 trumpets blow, apocalypse rides
7 angels sound as hells beasts rise
Massive extraction of dreams turne to pain
Left on your back
Drowned in pouring rain

As the ancient gods sever their heritage with man
The lies you've embraced fade into the mist
Pervading with evil our tyranny succeeds
Elimination of the weak, your convictions collapse
As the blood and the horror sweep from the shores
The loss of all heart, is the death of your soul
The life that you've lived, is the life that you die
Within the secrets of eyes
On the backs of those lies

Sword in my hand
In position for battle
Their deceived souls
I will rise above
Your god and your world are all
Fuckin' dead