Tyrants Blood

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Cast Into Hell Lyrics
Creature of destiny reach for the inevitable goal.
Cloaked black messenger of shadows possesses the means to destroy the soul.

Nexus of time, beyond the reach of human range.
cast into hell the demons you face.
Enrapt in the darkness,save only for the faint.
limits of despair.
hollowed grandeur collapses all restraint.

Nexus of time
dark shapes design.
wandering through quandry, the mind is dissolving.
Scratching and clawing,the structure is calling.

Dusk approaches mercilessly.
Wrapped up in the insanity.
Travel down the path , onward to hades.
A fathers face must never be forgotten.

Never so close a prophet reborn.
Vortex through worlds exploded.
Eternity at heart in all directions.
Follow the call, in need of salvation.