Tyrants Blood

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Behold The Conqueror Lyrics
I cast thyself from the highest montains
Rushing onward - The reaping waves

Drunk by the power I have
I'm still driven by all. In the seathing desert
I hear the strens' call
Wrecked bodies lay before me
Crimson covers the floor
Fierce loyalty inspired then to battle

I left all deceased in my wake
Find the will to return to my mortal realm
Temple of the gods
Still beckon me I have to follow
Opening to hades
Trudging through the desert of lost souls

My humanity is robbed and repriaced with murder
Blinding support - God of bloodshed
Unending path of conquest
Drifting towards madness
I have reached the sumit. Behold the Conqueror

Lamenting that the gods have abandoned me
Descending to the crushing deep
I shall perish by my own hand
The enemies blood has swept the land
Ten years of service has broken the soul
Ride the serpent

I traversed the perils of the swirling sands
Salvation exchange - I'm born again
Now Iam the god of war