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Pale Enchantress Lyrics
Dark... thou embrace my bleeding heart
My dreams... uniting our tearful eyes...
At night... I kiss the serpent in thy tears
For years... thy sorrow I've mourned

Harken my moonchilds cry
Yearning for another night
Mourning my once beloved
Mesmerized and ravendark

Come to me with ?
Die for love in thy tears
Don't leave me in dusk
And moonlight.

My pale enchantress of the night
At last my candle's burning down
The wintermoon is shining bleak
Bleeding time, walk from life
For thee my enchantress

Enchanting all my dreams
A beauty and her flood of tears
Nightfall embrace my heart
Mesmerized and ravendark

All my fears are striking me
My pale enchantress of the night
Nightfall is here, but for thee...
I desire thee

Fearful I walk with thee... through dusk
Through winds of loss... Her beauty and her
Flood embrace my bleeding heart
Tearful I fall with thee... at last
Lead me there... to where thy shadows cast

They dance in velvet darkness lost

Rise... bleak winterfullmoon

Thee in sleep desire fullmoon light

In life... I kissed the serpent in thy tears
For years... thy sorrow I mourned...

Come, see my garden of delight...