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Lies (for Fools) Official Video
Lies (for Fools) Lyrics
I think it was true when someone said 
Happiness fades away fatser than pain 
But you fools, you're breathing lies 
Your sweet lies 
You're looking for something you cannot get 
Your hearts are lost in the vale of hope 
Desperately you are waiting for 
A miracle 
But who'll catch you 
When you falls? 
No-one's there, you'll fall and you'll fall 
You'll die with your sins 
And then you're alone 
Where is your god when things go wrong? 
Again he leaves you alone 
But still you fool 
You believe he'll save you 
With your religion you think you're saved 
And blessed blood runs in your veins 
Living in fear hoping that you'll find your promised heaven 
You believe that you're better than me? 
You believe those lies 'cause you're weak 
I didn't find my peace but I can tell 
I'm stronger than you!