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In Black Lyrics

Love's hiding behind closed doors
While they want us to shed our blood
Hate boils up in angry flood
We're drifting in black against the stream of life
"Whose god is right? Whose god is wrong?"
(Like a) first line of the war song
But this one goes to love!

So bright, so serene
Love appears in my sacred dreams
Don't wake me up, now let me sleep
So bright, so serene
Love's alive in reality
Shrouded behind the desperate cries
Beneath cruel lies

Rope around our necks we'll await a moment of our doom
No mercy, no respect, they see our pain still they resume
We're drifting in black in the filth of humanity
"Whose war was right? Whose war was wrong?"
A song, that I won't sing along
But this one goes to love

"I won't cut down the bloody crops of your battlefields
I'm pissing on your royal family name!"