Thee Final Chaptre

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The Hallowed Hymn Lyrics
Seems life is ending, the final curtain falls.
Feel yourself descending, no place to hide at all.
A door slams behind you, a chill runs down your spine.
You just don't know what to do, but in the end what will you find?

 Life will be forever a gem.
 If you only follow Him.

Skies darken suddenly, but do you know why?
The 'Word' spells it clearly, so "seek and ye shall find"...
Don't you listen to "the evil one", or the wrath that hath settled in.
Listen to "The Righteous One", and accept the life he has given.

 'Saviour' speaks right through me now.
 To 'The King' I humbly bow.

  Yeah! People listen to my song, and heed every word I say...
  Accept 'The One' who died for you, and forever praise His name!!!

Death no longer invades you, you've accepted 'His Holy Name'.
No more of the lies to live, but the 'Truth' from here on in.
New life beginning, there is no end at all.
Feel yourself ascending, at the gates you wait for His call.

 Life will be forever a gem.
 If you only, follow Him.
'Saviour' speaks right through you now.
To 'The King' we humbly bow.

 This Hallowed Hymn...