The Meads of Asphodel

Beyond Death And Darkness Lyrics
Endless Death
Sullen death
Silent death
Tragic death
Hollow death
Muted death
Gutless death
Rabid death

After death I ride one more
Drinking blood by Satan's side
A burning soul I have become
A living fire of death denied

Empty death
Godless death
Sacred death
Timeless death
Mordant death
Mournful death
Grieving Death
Wordless Death

Its time to leave this burning hell
To travel far from Ge-Hinnom
Far from searing desert winds
Into death realms far beyond

Raging Death
Lusting Death
Wailing Death
Ancient Death
Newborn Death
Bestial Death
Lasting Death
Bloodless Death

Death and darkness
Together we are as one
Death and darkness
Look what we've become

We follow the illusion of heaven from the reality of our own shit, for our world is a vicious cycle of violence, retaliatory atrocities and ethnic and religious genocide.
We glorify this epidemic of brutality wearing traitorous masks of justice and liberty. And no legacy shall condemn our existence below the vilest of creatures. Beyond pity, far from the reach of ?.
And the burden of this ignoble guilt shall fall in equal measure upon East and West, where wholesale slaughter has set our world amongst the stars as a celestial habitual of incomprehensible horror.
What God would ever contemplate such an impossible beauty, where men will say 'You must not avoid sin simply because you fear hell, but rather because you fear offending an all-forgiving God'.
We are vultures of chaos.