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Lost Without A Trace Lyrics

I can't explain the way I feel sometimes
The loss of words, the chaos in my mind
It seems like I can only bring you pain
The passion fades away
Like tears in the rain

And every time you try to reach for me
I feel afraid, I feel Im in too deep
It's not your fault we ended up this way
It's just that I can't be
What you want from me

I must walk away again

You will never see me
You will never hear me calling out your name again
Im out of words to say so Ill stay away
You will never heal me
You will never feel my touch upon your skin, your face
For I
I'm lost without a trace

I did not want to fight, not make you cry
I was too weak, the time was not right
I hope one day you can forgive me
For everything I've done
How I let you down