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The Casualty / Loss Of Independence Lyrics
The loss of independence
The highest price you'd payed
Finished with this madness
Means tearing down the walls
Can you feel the torture?
The story's ending here
I can't bear this agony
Killing him tonight

Now the time has come
To get your life
Before the sun will rise
I shoot him down
And I feel cool
Come and feel me
Come and touch touch me
Get rid of him

20000 thoughts
Are rushing through my brain
I will get rid of him
His life is ending here
He never thinks
Of hurt my feelings
Claim your aim right now
Pulling down the trigger
Revenge is disappear

20000 thoughts
Are in my brain
The highest price you'd payed
Is nothing worth
Tearing down the walls of agony
You'll get rid of him
If you like