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Questions And Answers Lyrics
Where all is lost and invaded
In a realm of dust and tarnished soil
Our minds and hearts outworn and jaded
Slowly turning to black as oil

Surpassed the filth of life once dear
Ventured far beyond hope and fear
With a sense of nothing drawing near
Where can one go from here?

No point left to go on from here...

For so long I knew the question
That in fear we dared not even ask
Hoping to never learn the answer
But it was out of our grasps...

Beyond worlds expired and graved
Past false hopes of being saved
Between life and death enslaved
We are the fallen

When all is lost and all is bound
In a broken world that keeps on turning
My feet still feel the ground
But my wings are already burning...

For now I know the answer
The one buried so deep beneath our shells
But now I know the answer
It will hurt like Hell

The more we tried to hide, the clearer it became,
bashing down every door
And how can one prepare for a pain knowing
it will hurt like nothing before...