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Another Pariah Lyrics
I see you standing in dissent beneath a liar's throne
Enslaved by a grave new world you never claimed your own

So rise above this deafening silence
Cleanse Gaia's blood in an act of violence
Become the storm upon the welkin
And blacken the Sun with your mouth of sin

with flies from your mouth of sin...

Take the sword from where it fell
Come join me in my private hell
The world could use another pariah
An outcast of a dead empire...

So paint the world with a scarlet brush
Exhuming the strength of primordial lust
In the final stand of a broken culture
Where death itself devoures the vultures

Take the sword from where it fell
And join me in my private hell
All it takes is another pariah
Spawned from this dead empire

Raise the sword
And become the one
Who undoes the sun
And what the world has become

Expire the words to make the world expire...