Sonata Arctica

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The Last Amazing Grays (Single Edit) Lyrics
I can feel my heart is beating...still
I can see you with my eyes, I still see.
But I can't run the way my children can
Can't accept the helping hand, leave me

You are the strong one, trust in me
You must lead instead of me, now
There's no time, don't hesitate
Or you will also find your fate.

I feel the time is catching up with us
How many days until its hunger is satisfied?
Leaving the final golden days
We are the last amazing grays
Hoping the young will lead the pack now.

In the eyes of every newborn, I see the future
Life is just a phase.
I close my eyes and see them all here beside me.
The last amazing grays...

In the eyes of every newborn, I see the past times
A familiar face
I close my eyes and see them, waiting for me
Amongst the amazing grays

Mountain sings to me for this last time, marking the moment
I have found my place
I closed my eyes and joined them, guarding the young
Amongst the amazing grays