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Killers are Quiet Lyrics

There's a dog loose in the wood

Dogfish rising,
It's good for gnawing,
Right wing interlude,
In the 1990s
Thats got a nice groove to it there.

I saw a human hand,
Windmills like two,
Something at my left,
Screaming to fulfill
Post sniff scrunchies
What the fuck?

Dogfish rising
Burn them for their nipples
Another rubber Rolex
So skinny I knows
Who wrote these fucking lyrics?

Battery-powered power tool
Black & Decker dildos
Fully-covered pockets
Pop it with... ohhh...
God spoke to me!

Dogfish rising
Blistering cabbage
Poor fish-dog-thing
Poor thing crawls
Why take free lotion?

Back off fuck-head!
Redneck percussion

Dogfish rising
Cum are hard
Pinpoint penis blood
Quarter-inch off fat
What are you laughing at?

Fuck it!
That dogfish is dead
I'm getting out of here guys
See you later
Have a good life
Don't even bother trying to watch this
It pours the lotion on the skin
It pours the lotion on the skin
Yes, Mr. Burns?
Crusty, fuzzy nuts