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Gently Lyrics

Talking to myself.. Ahh..

Gently my mind escapes to a relaxing world of pleasure
A pleasure that'll take my mind off the reality of my life
My past life... Life as  I  know it now
And whatever may come it slowly disappears
To somewhere in the back of my mind
It will remain there - until  I  wish to retrieve it

Yeah - yeah - yeah - yeah - yeah - yeah

Yes  I  will stay here for awhile for  I  need the break
A break from the prisons of life
And everything that lay in the palm of life's hands, life's hands

This moment's incredible
It's out of this world
Too bad  I  must always leave it
But that's life

That's life (yeah) that's life (yeah) that's life (yeah)

That's life! Yes!

Yes - yes - yes

Aahh yes!