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Confessions Lyrics

I know you don't want to see. I know you're not part of me 
But you wonder just the same. So I'll let you in on this game 
What's on the top is just the beginning of the protectorate that keeps Gaia spinning 
It never ends, and with the gifts Luna sends, to the apocalypse 
on we defend for the right to live in a perfect world 
For our past mistakes, extinction we are hurled 
Trying to make amends for the Impergium, as Weaver and the Wyld and a bitch called the Wyrm 

You don't want to know 
All the power of the Wyld that runs through me, yet the reason why is an answer that eludes me 

You don't want to see 
Our viewpoint on what mankind is doing, that black inside when frenzy is brewing 

You don't want to feel 
The sorrow that my heart holds in knowing just where my hopes and dreams are going 

I won't let you be 
Caught up in a war that you are not part of. I sign this letter Your Father, With Love. 

I'm trying to set my mind free. I'm sorry you never knew me. 
My soul is in recession. Painful to make this confession.