Rise Of The Northstar

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What The Fuck Lyrics
Hell, yeah, coming at you once again, guess who's back?
The one original band in this sanitized scene comes to kill this track
Like Bejita, I come back stronger
And more vicious, sharp like Shura
Motherfucking industry cocksucker
You've sold out your wide-opened ass
Make me laugh, make me cry, let you die
When I see what your band wants and tries
I'm of another caliber, all together
Contracts torn to pieces like Mecha-Freezer

Get the fuck off motherfucker
Back the fuck off fucking hustler
What the fuck? What the fuck?
I don't wanna I don't need ya
Watch out the fire of the Saiya

This first album is a victory, created, composed and paid by ourselves
Dedicated to all our friends, supporters and sadly... our dead ones
You and your fake contracts you don't enslave me
I know what you want from me, what you've got for me
Make money, money, money on my back
You're funny, funny, funny let me smash your trap
Here is the next concept, respect what we are and fuck the rest
In this business I'm delivery guy
One Team standing under the Koshien sky

You'll never tame my flame
This is my last chance
You'll never tame my flame
Until my last breath
You'll never tame my flame
Never forget my name
Put your middle fingers up
They can't stop the Great North Walk